Headroom in Bochum

Schauspielhaus Bochum is doing a remake of the performance Headroom from 2018. Headroom was the first performance in the Future Fossils series (2018-2021). This remake will premiere on Sunday, March 20. For more information and tickets, visit schauspielbuchum.be

Headroom is a hallucinatory trip constructed around an insistent sound composition. In a darkness in which the subconscious holds sway and stories have their genesis, tableaux vivants appear and disappear. Recognisable situations constructed out of everyday objects and human forms nevertheless alienate and toy with our perception.

Headroom is part of the Future Fossils (2018-2021) series, a series that questions what it means to make art in the ‘non-human era’, an era in which humans are no longer the measure of all things.