Premiere Jessica in Berlin

Suzan Boogaerdt and Bianca van der Schoot play a part in JESSICA – an Incarnation, the latest performance by Susanne Kennedy.

For this performance, Kennedy works with artist and set designer Markus Selg. JESSICA – an Incarnation will premiere February 24 at the Volksbühne in Berlin.

Jessica could be the direct descendant of a Jesus figure. Died to come back to life. Jessica’s near-death experience leads her to found the company ANAMNESIS, which makes it possible to look back on life as if it were a movie with new technologies. In search of a savior, disciples gather around Jessica. They want to believe in her and this technology. This creates a cacophony of voices, which a figure like Jessica could also evoke in our society. Between ritual and theatre, past and future, Jessica reflects how the people around her relate to her and ultimately to themselves. JESSICA – an Incarnation explores the age-old question of what shapes our existence and consciousness. And explores essential aspects of our existence and our perception of reality.

JESSICA – an Incarnation is a co-production between Volksbühne Berlin and Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot.