Traveling without moving


16 september – 6 november

A sanctuary to call upon the Great Goddess

On behalf of the Female Future Foundation, we would like to welcome you to The New Center for Sleep and Consciousness.
This temple is a place for Healing Dreams. A place where Incubated Seekers sleep and dream, to receive divine information from the Great Goddess,  for the process of collective healing and transformation. You are invited to accompany the Incubated Seekers. In order to sleep deeply and to open new levels of reality, our collective loving attention is invaluable.

An old world is dying and a new one struggles to be born. In order to resurrect out of the dying structures all around us, we need to find a new direction, a clear intent on how we want this new world to appear for us. In order to dream this new world into being, we need another narrative, another image of the hero, another idea of the gods, another source of inspiration.

In the fall of 2022, BVDS is creating a temple for Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth. In TENT, the artist duo is building a new sanctuary, where after centuries of patriarchal religious foundations, The Great Mother can awaken after a deep sleep of more than 3,000 years. Through excavations and scientific research, we know that she was always there. How can an ancient society based on goddess worship, help us on our way to a wholesome future?


Made possible by the Mondriaan Fund.


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