BVDS selected for Theater der Welt

Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot has been selected for the international theater festival Theater der Welt and will premiere their interactive installation Echo’s Chamber there. Echo’s Chamber is part of the curated art program Incubation Pod. Dreaming worlds at the Museum Angewandte Kunst, which brings together different artistic ideas, spaces, and worlds in the form of interactive installations, virtual realities, and performances.

Theater der Welt presents striking artistic developments from various theater cultures. The festival was initiated in the late 1970s by the International Theatre Institute (ITI) from the UNESCO conviction that cultural openness contributes to world peace. Each edition takes place in a different city in Germany under a new artistic director. This year’s edition will be held from June 29 to July 16, 2023 in Frankfurt and Offenbach, under the leadership of Chiaki Soma from Japan.

Other Dutch makers who will be featured at the festival include Nastaran Razawi Khorasani, Jetse Batelaan, Samara Hersch, and Carolina Bianchi.

You can read more about Echo’s Chamber here.